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Moonbaby Token
The crypto industry is growing at a blistering pace. However, issues such as coin devaluation, high transaction costs, obscurity, and lack of real world value are threatening the industry from reaching its potential. Moonbaby Token is an ultramodern crypto token designed free of these issues. The token provides a secure investment alternative for crypto enthusiasts looking forward to create wealth from crypto investments.
Since the advent of blockchain technology in 2008, cryptocurrencies and their related applications have been among the top trending topics in the finance and tech industries. Despite facing drawbacks such as market meltdowns and insecurity issues, the crypto industry has continued to attract the attention of investors across the globe. This attention has seen the industry grow its participants from 35 million in 2018 to 221 million in 2021, denoting an increase of over 530 percent in just three years. Projections indicate the number of crypto users will reach 1 billion in 2023. Besides surging number of users, the crypto industry is also growing in other aspects such as coin value and recognition as legal tenders.
Based on these insights it is apparent that the crypto industry is thriving despite the normal ups and downs. Some stakeholders in the industry are even quoting these insights to lure more participants in the industry. However, a new breed of professionals and veterans in the industry are warning that the industry may not reach its maximum potential due to weaknesses in contemporary crypto tokens. They assert that for the crypto industry to grow sustainable crypto challenges must be addressed.
Weaknesses in current crypto tokens
Prior to the development of Moonbaby Token, a research was conducted to understand top weaknesses in contemporary crypto tokens. The study revealed that most crypto tokens are susceptible to challenges that limit their usability and discourage users from assimilating them. Some of the issues identified are;
Coin devaluation
Token depreciation is one of the most significant challenges facing cryptocurrencies. Virtually all coins, including leading cryptocurrencies are prone to value fluctuations. In December 2017 and 2021 nearly all cryptocurrencies lost value. Coin devaluation is usually a repercussion of poor token economics that lead to increased supply that demand.
Lack of offchain value
Most cryptocurrencies are only designed to offer onchain value. They are meant for crypto exchanges, staking, yielding, and farming. Beyond these functions they do not have real world value. Lack of offchain value is one of the reasons cryptocurrencies are not widely adopted in the community. For cryptocurrencies to be assimilated across communities they must value beyond onchain value.
Obscurity is another issue in contemporary cryptocurrencies. Most tokens are managed as private properties. The user community is not adequately involved in management and decision making. Some parties are even favored through private sale of tokens. Obscurity creates inequality and breeds perfect environment for scams.
Exorbitant transaction cost
Pioneers of cryptocurrencies envisaged to create a financial system that would provide affordable local and international transactions. Over a decade later, this goal is yet to be achieved. Most crypto platforms tax their users exorbitantly, especially in seasons when the crypto market is buzzing with activities. High transaction cost is among top deterrents to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.
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