MNBY Debit Cards

Virtual cards & Debit Cards Available - Moonbaby Token - Set Slippage 9%
Virtual cards & Debit Cards
The days of swapping crypto for fiat and then waiting for the deposit to land in your bank account are over. You will be able to purchase a car with MoonBaby Token, anything from fashion to Uber eats to give just a few examples. Wallets will be available on our platform and will be easy to use and setup. Load debit card through MNBY wallet and use debit cards for daily purchases worldwide. Just stake some MNBY tokens to be eligible to utilize these services.
Anonymity Pre-paid Virtual Cards
✅Buy your prepaid crypto virtual card with no ID required.
✅Max amount for 1 transaction = $2,500.00
✅Balance Limit = $5,000.00
KYC for Physical Debit Cards.
✅Verification will be quick & easy for users wanting to obtain the physical debit cards.
✅Withdraw fiat works global.
✅Max amount per 1 transaction = $100,000.00
✅Balance limit = $100,000.00
✅Secure door to door delivery worldwide.
✅Must hold $MNBY in order to apply for the physical cards. TBA