Reflection System

Earn Passive Income $MNBY$ - Moonbaby Token - Set Slippage 9%
MoonBaby has an innovative Reflections mechanism in place which provides users a simpler way to receive rewards, As every transaction is taxed you receive tokens automatically simply by holding the token and doing transactions. The reflection mechanism was developed with the hopes of transforming the concept of yield generation in the DeFi ecosystem. The rewards are distributed between all holders and works on volume of transactions. frequent transactions and high volume will assist the entire community holding $MNBY as a share split will be distributed between all holders from the 2% Reward system. This feature is a revolutionary measure in the block-chain, considering the fact one can invest in themselves and also help others during the process. If the holder is holding 5 tokens in their Metamask the reward fee changes token rate to 0.9 and token becomes 5/0.9 = 5.5555 which will reflect in the holder's wallet after transactions are done. The more transactions occur the more the holders will receive reflection rewards.