What is MoonBaby Token

Moonbaby is the first of its kind, the only token that allows you to give back to the community by investing in yourself.
Moonbaby Token
Moonbaby Token, abbreviated as $MNBY, is a fully decentralized BSC token that intends to disrupt the crypto industry by being one of tokens immune to weaknesses of contemporary cryptocurrencies. Moonbaby Token leverages a mix of cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques backed up with the best practices in the crypto industry to create a crypto token that not only appeals to users but also mitigates technical and functional weaknesses of conventional tokens. Moonbaby achieves this through its features.
Top features of Moonbaby Token include;
Robust liquidity pool
One of the defining features of Moonbaby Token is its robust liquidity. To prevent transaction delays and frequent price slippages, the token’s tokenomics is designed in such a way that at any given time at least 55 percent of the total tokens will be in supply. A healthy liquidity pool will also play an integral role in pushing the price floor of Moonbaby Token higher.
Token burning
Token burning is an integral feature of Moonbaby Token. For every transaction, 1 percent of the buy and sell tax will be sent to a dead wallet for burning. Token burning will reduce the amount of Moonbaby Token in supply consequently pushing its price floor higher. This will help mitigate the token devaluation risk.
For cryptocurrencies to appeal to more people around the globe, they must support a noble cause. The team at Moonbaby understands this. As a result, besides supporting onchain functions such as crypto trading and reflection rewards, Moonbaby Token will have an offchain value in the form of supporting charity initiatives. Charity funds will be used to support children living in orphanages. Moonbaby will partner with verified orphanage homes to provide orphans with necessities such as food, water, nappies, blankets, clothing, toys and much more. All charity initiatives supported by the Moonbaby will be outlined on all their social platforms.
One of the key benefits of holding the Moonbaby Token is the rewards that come with it. All holders of the token are automatically subject to the token rewards. For every sell and buy transaction, 2 percent of the transaction fee will be deposited to the rewards wallet. Rewards will be distributed periodically, and holders’ shares will determine the number of tokens they hodl – the more the number of tokens the larger the rewards share.
Moonbaby Token will have a fixed transaction fee of 8 percent for both buy and sell transactions. For both buy and sell transaction tax, 1 percent will be burned as aforementioned, 2 percent will be sent to a rewards pool, 2 percent will be sent to a marketing wallet, 2 percent will be used to cover token development costs, and the remaining 1 percent will be allocated to the charity wallet.
The crypto industry is growing. However, several issues are a threat to the long-term success of the industry. Moonbaby Token is carefully designed to remain immune to weaknesses of conventional cryptocurrencies. The token aims to provide a secure investment alternative for crypto enthusiasts looking to create wealth from crypto investments. Join our community today and be among the first beneficiaries of Moonbaby Token.